NUKU's Analyst Internship Program Accepting Candidates

November 15, 2012

NUKU is now accepting a candidates for a spring launch of our Analyst Internship Program, a 6-month long program that includes analyst training and active participation as a contributing analyst on NUKU's investment research team. This is a great way to launch a career in investments.

Initial Trial a Success

June 04, 2012

Our Alpha-Simulation ended yesterday, and it was a complete success. We had our fingers crossed, but the system performed perfectly. The feedback we have been getting has already been immensely helpful, which will lead to a number of interface improvements, as well as possibly an earlier release of features we had been holding back.

First Trial of the NUKU Service Launched

May 18, 2012

We launched our Alpha-Simulation today, which is the first time we had the full NUKU service functioning for people other than ourselves. We only opened this simulation to a small group, with our hopeful goal of getting feedback that will help guide us towards any final revisions before we launch a much larger, open to the public, Beta Simulation.